A Sample of the Flora and Fauna of My Trip


Corckscrew_Swamp (2).JPG

The flower above and the friend below were both experiences to be savored at Corkscrew Swamp--an Audubon preserve.

Corckscrew_Swamp (8).JPG

Said friend is heralded by this plant--appropriately enough called Alligator flag. Throughout the swamp we found them with these regular, even perforations. They were so perfect that it seemed unlikely to be caused by a browsing insect. I thought perhaps they functioned like the slits in banana leaves. Alas, I know too little about this mystery to help you resolve it.

Corckscrew_Swamp (85).JPG

And the friend below brought to me courtesy of a short side-trip to Estero, Florida--the Koreshan Settlement.

Koreshan_Settlement_Estero (60).JPG

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