Hard Drive Bomb

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Mysteriously, as is usual in these things, my Hard Drive bombed out yesterday leaving me with the NEW IMPROVED Windows XP black screen of death from which you cannot possibly recover anything.

Result--reformat disk, reinstall Windows, reinstall each separate tedious application, reset all preferences, days and days and days of work.

Praise God!

Other net result--months of accumulated junk gone in an instant, everything clean and shiny and new. Important Data---multiple redundant backups in multiple locations. A pain to deal with, but on the other hand, nothing serious lost.

Praise God!

This is such a blessing. I have had such an enormous burden of accumulated junk removed and now I have the opportunity to start over with a clean new system.

Of course, I nearly immediately junked it up again. But I erected a new folder structure and everything is much better organized than I would have made it within the parameters of the last system.

There really are great blessings in starting anew. This is one of those death and resurrection experiences that help reinforce my faith.

And while all of this may seem to have a satirical or sardonic undertone, let me assure you, my joy is real, and everything written here is a cause for glorifying God. When we are too weak to do what need be done, He will help us. When we are reluctant, He will put the car in gear. This is one of those times.

God is very good indeed!

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I thought of you and this entry yesterday while I was idly flipping through one of my husband's computer magazines waiting for the latest load of clothes to finish in the washer. The newest breakthrough (far as I can tell, computer illiterate that I am) is some new technology in storage. "You'll never have to delete a file again!" Maybe that's not such a good thing, huh?



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