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I will soon be undergoing a temporary but major paradigm shift in domestic accommodations.

That is to say I'll be taking my vacation to SW Florida including the Ten Thousand Islands, the Everglades and the Dry Tortugas (which necessitates a brief stay in the Keys (oh, poor me. We WILL NOT, however, be staying in Key West, where one cultivates weirdness until it is merely boring).

In the course of this trip I hope to visit Ca D'Zan (the home of the Ringlings), the Winter Homes of Edison and Ford, and a number of other South Florida Venues. A real high point will be a trip to the Amish Community (!) of Sarasota to eat at the equivalent of the most marvelous restaurant on Earth--Der Dutchman in Plain City.

(Note to TSO: It's probably late for the Shekinah Glory Festival out that way, but the weekend Auctions are always interesting and the restaurant is heart-stopping in its Mennonite goodness--real cream, butter used in mashed potatoes-slow cooked green beans in real animal fat--you know all those comofort foods plus delicacies like shoo-fly pie, oatmeal pie, and date pudding--definitely worth planning for--but they close early--I don't recall if they use electric lights in the restaurant or not--the Mennonite communityt here is not as strict as the NE Amish. )

Anyway, I will be online, and probably occasionally blogging, but don't expect a lot.

Just pray for me on the trip and continue to pray for our family in our temporarily and happily separated state. (Samuel is spending the summer with Grandma and Grandpa and may be taking a little jaunt in the next week or two to the Baltimore Aquarium.)

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Ahhh yes I just had the distinct pleasure of dining at Der Dutchman two weeks ago at the rehearsal dinner of my brother-in-law. The broasted chicken was even better than I remembered it.

My wife used to live out in Plain City and we've toyed about leaving the big city for the plain one.

Well, sounds like a full agenda! Have a great time!



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