One of the Wonders of Blogging

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Blogging is wonderful in that it provides breathing space one would not have in ordinary conversation. (Of course it is problematic because it does not allow for expression of nuance one would have in the course of face to face social intercourse.)

I was just by a place where some slapped at me with an off-hand insult. I wrote a response to the core of what they were saying and then a zippy stinger to slap their hand but good. And then, humility interceded and asked, "Why do you feel the need to say this?" The amazing all in one browser back button (or was it window close) did away with one more instance of unnecessary nastiness. Now, this nastiness probably wouldn't have occurred in ordinary conversation as people tend not to be nearly as abrasive in person as they feel they have some right to be in a comments box. But nevertheless, and this is an important point, you can always reconsider your position!

Delete button--the commenter's best friend.

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Kind of a throwback to the days of letter-writing. Abraham Lincoln often wrote scathing letters but then destroy them before sending.

I can't imagine anyone insulting you Steve!

I can't imagine Abraham Lincoln writing a scathing letter either!

Dear Elena,

Thank you so much for that kindness. It was only mildly insulting and discourteous and I am probably much too sensitive. But your note made me feel much better.

By the way my fingers are just itching to go back and answer this particular post. I've written three different responses. Blessed be God in His invention of the myriad ways to delete.



Can you direct us to the zinger? Some of us who admire you aren't so hesitant to make fools of ourselves :-)

Steven, how well I know that feeling of overcoming the stinging reply with delete and then itching to go back and make that comment anyway. Nice to know that someone besides me has those little fights with themselves ... though they FEEL huge when I am fighting them.

Reading that about Lincoln makes me think of the story about someone who was furious at an opponent and went to his friend Winston Churchill with a brilliant and scathing letter ... which he read aloud. Churchill said it was wonderful and "now throw it on the fire."

I think Churchill also said, "When eagles are silent, parrots jabber."

Blessed are you Steven Riddle, for resisting that temptation! As my better half and I recited Vespers this evening, what did we hear, but 1 Peter 3:8-9. How interesting and appropriate.

But be sure to consider that this episode was simply another jab from a senior lieutenat inhabiting the Nether World. He might not make the same mistake again; so, be aware of craftier trickery coming at you--when you least expect it.....



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