My Former Beloved Pastor

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When the diocese of Orlando drove Fr. John O'Holohan out on the specious requirement of retirement age (although there were many others who were equally entitled to the privilege and yet remained in place) my heart sank, and I quickly stopped attending the Church at which he served as Priest.

Mr. Luse directed me to a press whereat I could acquire one of Fr. O'Holohan's books. What a blessing. Look for Shalom 2000. I already have several copies but if you're looking for a prayer book that is not overwhelming, this is a nice gift.

My thanks to Mr. Luse.

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Fr. John O'Holohan is now our beloved pastor. He has done more for this small parish of 100 families than he will ever know. He has done much also for my family. Who would think an 82 year-old priest could capture the hearts completely of my four boys? He is blessing to our diocese and the Church.


Dear Jim,

Our loss was your gain, blessed be the Lord. It is good to hear that he is still serving the Lord and capturing the hearts of the Lord's people. He was a blessing, and still is a blessing to me personally and to a great many near and around me. I am so pleased for you that you can know him and his love for God. I still quote him frequently because there is such a wealth of humble, gentle wisdom there. Thank you for letting me know about him. I will continue to pray for him and for his ministry to God's people.





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