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In the same ill-fated expedition described below, I also purchased a few other items of interest.

Because of a post some days back by TSO and a recollection of a statue/shrine to her in a Church I used to attend for Carmelite meetings in Columbus, I purchased a biography of Blessed Margaret of Castello. She sounded interesting enough to know in more detail.

Because of my devotion of the English and Welsh Saints and Martyrs of Elizabeth's time, I also picked up a slender volume on St. Margaret Clitherow. I hope to get to both of these soon and share with you some of my findings.

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Dear Steven,

Here are some good links about Blessed Margaret Castello from a group of lay Dominicans in Idaho. And they have a darned good blog run by my old online friend Mark Gross.



I once saw an excellent film on her life on EWTN. What an amazing story which is very apt to tell again by the way our culture is coming to also treat disabled persons.



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