Knowing Tomorrow--a Broken Sonnet

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No measure I could make of today could
tell me what tomorrow holds, neither heat
nor height, rain nor depths, clouds nor width, none would
tell me what's in the day ahead. I see
not through a glass darkly, I do not see
at all, and count myself blessed for blindness.
If I knew all that lay in store, courage
would fail me. In this silence God gives rest
from the world, its woes, its wealth, its well
of sorrow, poverty, despair and strife,
and awakens joy in the day--a swell
of gratitiude that overshadows life.
Seeing our future might seem a delight
but God is good to keep tomorrow night.

© 2005, Steven Riddle

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Some of the best poetry breaks out of forms, Steven, and this one isn't very broken at all. You might want a comma between 'store' and 'courage' and betwen 'silence' and 'God' but I really enjoyed the ending couplet... 'keep tomorrow (big bang) night' -- love it. Well done!

Dear Dan,

The first was typo, the second for a certain ambiguity. I'll have to let it sit for a while to see if it works. Thanks.





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