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I have considered a point brought forth some time ago by Tom at Disputations and have decided that he is right, although not necessarily for the reasons he proposes. Therefore I shall join him in eschewing "Great" attached to the name of our former Pontiff, John Paul II and shall use instead "Magnificent." It really is the proper term for a pope so fully devoted to the Blessed Virgin. Magnificat--Magnificent--it makes sense etymologically AND in fact.

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You'll never get it to 'catch on'with the mainstream media...'the great' is indeed less descriptive, but the media refuses to use terms that are either more accurate or more descriptive...I agree on 'the magnificient' being a more applicable term.

Dear John B.,

That's okay--it isn't my idea anyway--I'll leave it to Tom to do the PR, I just promise to support it from now on! :-)





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