Why John Paul the Great?

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* Ecclesia de Eucharistia (17 April 2003)

* Fides et Ratio (14 September 1998)

* Ut Unum Sint (25 May 1995)

* Evangelium Vitae (25 March 1995)

* Veritatis Splendor (6 August 1993)

* Centesimus Annus (1 May 1991)

* Redemptoris Missio (7 December 1990)

* Sollicitudo Rei Socialis (30 December 1987)

* Redemptoris Mater (25 March 1987)

* Dominum et Vivificantem (18 May 1986)

* Slavorum Apostoli (2 June 1985)

* Laborem Exercens (14 September 1981)

* Dives in Misericordia (30 November 1980)

* Redemptor Hominis (4 March 1979)

(All of these and more available at this website)

The Jeweler's Shop

The Place Within

Be Not Afraid

Gift and Mystery

Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way

Memory and Identity

The fall of the Soviet Empire

The forgiveness to a would-be assassin

World Youth Days

More that 100 trips worldwide spreading the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the peace that it promises, and the message of the essential dignity of the human person

The Speech at Yad Vashem

Theology of the Body

The dignity of the human person

Humility, charity, meekness, boldness, magnificence (see Disputations), kindness, openness, determination, courage

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Dear Mr. Riddle,

Your intended link to Disputations is actually another link to the Holy Father's speech at Yad Vashem.

Pope Saint John Paul the Great, pray for us!


Dear Mr. White,

Thanks for the heads-up.





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