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I am pleased to announce an addition to the Patrons of this blog. Under the Mantle of Our Lady, this blog asks the triple patronage of St. John of the Cross (Carmelite Mystic and Poet), St Ephrem the Syrian (Mystic and Poet), and Pope John Paul the Great (Third Order Carmelite, Mystic, and Poet). I will look about for some appropriate pictures and add them accordingly along with a keyword from Pope John Paul the Great.

I thought of this, this afternoon. What better patron than a third order Carmelite poet who wrote prodigiously? I don't claim to be prodigious in output, but third Order Carmelite and erstwhile poet are both things I can claim.

And as no less an Authority than Cardinal Ratzinger has implied that Pope John Paul the Great is already interceding for us, figured I might as well give him his first established blog to take care of. Pope John Paul the Great please pray for me and for all who visit that we might be bold, living witnesses to the truth of the Gospel and the salvific power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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