Timeline of John Paul the Great Highlights

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From the Presidential Medal of Freedom page--here

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Why do we praise a man that for 26 years had knowledge of molestation within the Catholic church and did nothing ? His passing is sad because it is a passing. That is all.


And don't have that far to fall
To hit rock bottom
Is the impact any less significant for them?
Do lights dim out differently for any of the living before the sting of death?

When a whale beach's itself or is lost after wondering into a bay
Why Do we shine a spotlight for something large loosing its way?
A creature with size, facing death, takes the incremental stage of concern
Shown on all channels at six and eleven
Even though small fish are being eaten by big fish all over the world

Ant's falling down and fish eating fish never take center stage
An ant colony is nothing more than a tiny dirt kingdom
As stupid useless little insignificant stick creatures
A Perceived menace to my picnic no different than fly's
Looking for food, Day and night and night and day

They will die for their Queen because nothing else matters
And they will no longer be the same if she dies
Why are they this way?
Are they no different than Christians who die for their perceived King?
No longer the same but just an echo and a chant to pursue
Which will carry you, perpetuating you
To the dawn of eternal growths blossoming

But don't we all chant, pray, rebel or sigh?
Grafted souls from the water clinging to a fire
As we speculate about reasons, visions and decisions

As we reluctantly see homeless people passing by us and avoid eye contact
Scratch our heads as children die from hunger all over the world
Avoid an encounter with the preacher man wanting a dollar in his hand
Say "leave me your phone number beside the door" after a casual sex encounter
Life sometimes is a hat taken off to honor you saying "thank you, thank you"
As mental institutions for the troubled are neatly placed in leprosy colony locations

Why do impressions in the beginning matter?
And no more relevant than yesterday's Headlines?
Why does our Night time perceptions seem different in the light of day?
Are momentary feelings the simple pretexts of happiness
For those who believe in God and those who don't?
Is God nothing more than fresh cut beautiful flowers placed into a vase
Then subsequently disposed in the trash after wilting?

I made a conscious decision to wear
A pair of cornbread biscuits with dripping molasses
In preparation for a hunger one day
And I shall put metal detectors on my fingernails
As I try to escape from alleys of destruction
Which is no different than a journey of ants
Forming a long line marching consistently in time and rhyme
Tic Toc soldiers march follow me into the battle
An unconscious subservient behavior with no questions
Or opinions which are more distant than illusive rainbows

Whether temporarily satisfied by victory or the taste of honey
Emotionally overwhelmed at a loved one's burial
In the end do we not look in the mirror the same
Of course we do, our perception is what makes us different

No fisherman shall ever catch a prize winning fish
In a newly formed puddle after a heavy rain
Yet why do so many try?
And how many ants have to fall and fish be eaten
Before anyone cares or asks why?



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