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There are those in St. Blogs far more knowledgeable than I am who suggest that a sensus fidei on the canonization of John Paul the Great has been reached. Still, one must wait for the official pronouncement. However, nothing I know of prevents me from asking the intercession of our Holy Father.

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In fact, it would help the John Paul II's cause immensely if you were asking for his intercession, and a miracle of some sort occurred. Then you could provide it as evidence to the cause. I think that's how it's always done: people who were praying for intercession BEFORE the fact, present their miracles.

I might be wrong, though; I'm a bit fuzzy on the details.

I was blessed to have been in Vatican City for the Funeral Week for my Pope John Paul II. I have no doubt that he will become Pope John Paul II THE GREAT. As for me, he has already attained this designation and honor. He IS "THE GREAT!" Every step I took in the very long lines, was a blessing and a prayerful journey for me. Everyone I met felt their life was being uplifted with every step toward the Basilica to see Pope John Paul. PAX, John Paul. PAX.

Dear Mr. Disney,

Thanks so much for sharing your personal experience. I could only view the whole thing from television, and as good as they try to be, it is but a single view, not anything like really being there.





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