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Okay, we're less than two days into the new pontificate and I find myself having to retract my statements.

Obviously, this statement from the homily this morning

Dear Ones, this intimate recognition for a gift of divine mercy prevails in my heart in spite of everything. I consider this a grace obtained for me by my venerated predecessor, John Paul II.

indicates that work has already begun on the beatification and eventual canonization of John Paul the Great.

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Not necessarily. I believe the translation should be venerable. The cause for JP2 can't start yet according to the rules.

I note that the Sandro Magister article linked at Amy's site or just at
indicates that Pope Benedict may be less inclined than his predecssor to naming large numbers of Beatae and Saints. Of course Mr. Magister could be wrong.

You need to edit the HTML of the next post after this one. The quote from Benedict XV doesn't have the italics turned off, with the consequence that everything else becomes italicized on the archive pages.


Thanks for the head's up. As it was in the extended entry, I might not otherwise have found it.





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