Poetry of John Paul II

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One of the things I love about John Paul II is that if his words do not move you in the encyclicals and the addresses and the letters, there is still more to read and by which to be moved.

Girl Disappointed in Love
Karol Wotyla, Bishop of Krakow

With mercury we measure pain
as we measure the heat of bodies and air;
but this is not how to discover our limits--
you think you are the center of things.
If you could only grasp that you are not:
the center is He,
and He, too, finds no love---
why don't you see?
The human heart--what is it for?
Cosmic temperature. Heart. Mercury.

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Is this from a book Steven? I had not read it before and would like to read more like it...

Dear Dan,

Yes, it is in the Collected Poems or some such title. I actually found it online at a PBS site. But it you go to Amazon and look for John Paul lI and poetry, you'll find it. He has one book of collected poems and then the magnificent Roman Triptych (pardon not remembering the name properly), which he considered a "poetic last testamtent."





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