Metahaiku--Theme and Variations with an Homage

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words are wasted to
make lines work; a poetic
form doomed to failure

words wasted to fill
out lines, a poetic form
reduced to white noise

to fill the lines words
are wasted, a poetic
form of impotence

too many words just
for the count, poems flabby with
verbiage, leaking

a poet adds words
to force lines, sheer chaos, you
don't get your wordsworth

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Perfect! I counted 17 in each verse. I cheat with haikus. Good for you!

Haiku writing starts
Without hope or remedy
But to keep writing

Purist critic laughs
Watching poet write haiku
On writing haiku

You find it funny
I would write about writing
In this haiku form

Haiku as written
Regarding writing haiku
Is “Meta-Haiku�

Nightly haiku comes
Seventeen syllable fits
Frightening children

If I write haiku
About bunnies and rainbows
Fulfillment escapes

Haiku muse comes
Ferocious morbid insane
Laughter of poet



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