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Santo Subito.

In 1300 years there has been no such salutation. And we cannot say when it will happen again. I have been blessed.

I offer for the first miracle for beatification the fact that I was able to be conscious and even coherent at 4:00 a.m. to say farewell. Okay, not much of a miracle, but a blessing for me. And this was a man of everyday miracles. The fall of the Soviet Union--not one huge military effort, but an accumulation of prayer under his guidance.

Truly a great Pope.

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I like the confidence of "I offer for the first miracle for beatification...". So many of us are confident that there will be many miracles to follow. I know that I have found myself almost inadvertently praying to JPII asking for his prayers on my behalf. And I have read of others doing the same, also "finding themselves" doing it ... surprised by themselves ... perhaps it is an innnate recognition that we have not yet examined ...

Dear Miss D. and Mr. Riddle,

I've been looking to him lately as the example of what a man can be when he gives himself entirely to God and Mary. His continual call to make the "gift of self" keeps plucking at my elbow. Perhaps more later at my blog.

Cheers -




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