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I have an obnoxious habit of going to other people's sites and making comments. Now, I know that this is what comment boxes are for; however, I tend to say things that are really none of my business and really not conducive to helping anyone. I found myself writing a long drawn-out lecture elsewhere and suddenly realized how really very arrogant this sort of thing must sound. So, for those times in the past when I have done this one your sites (if any), I apologize. And for the future, I will try very hard to avoid this didactic and pedantic edge I seem to have. It isn't intentional--I just so desire that people get along that I rush in and make a fool of myself and aggravte everyone else. Fortunately, I think this has been done minimally, but I've noticed an increased frequency to it of recent date. Perhaps I should just hang around places where this temptation does not present itself.

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Please visit my site where you will be free of that temptation.

You're being much too hard on yourself.

I kind of like your lectures. There are far worse ones out there.

Anyway, I reject completely this notion of "my business" and "none of my business." Privacy is goofy anyway, and it certainly goes out the window when one is posting to a blog. I never did understand why people make such a big deal of privacy. It only is there to protect the wrongdoers anyway. And the only people who have business that is solely theirs are the people who live in little holes in the dessert, and even then, they came from somewhere.

So, if it is one man's business it is everyman's business.

Lecture Away!

Dear TSO,

Exactly why I hang out there so much.

Dear Dan,

You haven't received the brunt of them. I can't imagine how obnoxious they must seem from the other side.

Dear Erik,

As always, words fail me. But you never, never, never, never, NEVER fail to amuse.

Thanks to you all.



By the way Steven, I too occasionally comment elsewhere and then experience the inevitable post-comment hangover in which I ask myself: "just who am I to be preaching to them?"

But I enjoy your comments and find them typically quite charitable.

You mean, like this? ;-)

Dear Steven,

You may find my comment technique useful, or at least amusing. My usual practice is to write a long screed then second-guess myself and close the comment box without posting. Here's hoping this comment survives my technique.



Dear Bill,

We share a commenting technique. God knows how many words have vanished, and He alone knows how many more ought to have done.



Hey, you can come lecture us any old time. Period. And don't hit that delete button.

I don't write long comments, but I usually feel bad about them afterwards. I also waste too much time doing it, then coming back to see if there is a reply. Over the last few days I've considered putting a stop to my blogging altogether (both posting & reading). So, your post struck a chord.

I feel left out. You've never done it on my site....

Here's hoping this comment survives my technique.


Dear Jack,

Please give no further consideration to the idea of abandoning blogging. The blogging world would be the less for it, and I would have one fewer places to come and bug you about the translation of Spritiual Combat. Yours is a needed and interesting voice.



Having just suffered through a series of really annoying comments, I can say with certainty that I'd much rather be lectured to by you than by some other people.

Usually I'm just too tired and lazy to comment anywhere, anyhow, but I too close a lot of comment boxes without hitting that "post" button.


I wish you would comment on my blog. You know, when I actually say something worth commenting on. :P

come, be didactic and pedantic at my blog. see if i care...

(well, of COURSE i'd care, and then i'd worry and lament over it and retract and rethink everything you've said...i'm like that. i am martha :)



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