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A slight revision to Samuel's earlier version of being the Pope. He decided subsequently that he wanted to be first a scientist and then the Pope. He has resolved to be the first Scientific all tap-dancing, all piano-playing Pope. A truly ambitious goal, and not one that is likely to see any interference from this parent.

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A Pope like that would win souls just from getting their attention with the entertainment first! Great strategy and I'll be pulling for him! :-)

Sounds like Samuel has a song in his heart waiting to be sung. Also sounds like he gets the kind of encouragement from his parents that is a wonderful accompaniment to his song.

I have this image of a Pope in full regalia doing a bit of Fosse hand business at the edge of the dais on World Youth Day, all leading to a number illustrating quantum electrodynamic theory and how it just might illustrate Thomas Aquinas' distinction between essence and existence...

Do him a favor and steer him towards the harpsichord first. You develop a much more accute rhythmic sensitivity towards phrasing, which makes you a better pianist.

I started as a pianist and then switched to harpsichord. It took me a couple of years to correct my overreliance on dynamics. Since I have recently started playing piano again, my harpsichording has made me much better at the piano as well. I tend towards a much subtler use of dynamics, and phrase as if I were at the harpsichord, even for late Romantic pieces.

Science, tap dancing, piano playing Pope, though. Sounds very good.



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