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I had lined up in my head a post detailing all of my opinions about matters such as school prayer, gay marriage, and other items of the day. Then I realized several things.

(1) Who cares?

(2) Who am I trying to convince?

(3) While I enjoy discussion and controversy, I am not a controversialist. I don't really kick up a fuss, largely because my opinions on matters are not really hard and fast for the most part. I'm willing to be persuaded and my mind changes as quickly as the Florida weather--so I'm not really a candidate for posting these sorts of things.

(4) In many ways I'm really too ignorant of the salient facts to make pronouncements on policies of any sort. I have a muddle of opinions gathered together that spew forth with little rhyme or reason only to be changed by the first commenter who makes a reasonable point. The only matters on which I am thoroughly convinced and intractable (or at least can hold my own) are matters of literature and the arts. I'm less confident in the arts, but still can hold my own in theory, philosophy, and practice.

(5) No one really wants to read yet another set of opinions on the same issues. Or if they do, they would get far better bang for their buck reading the comments on the major channels of St. Blogs.

So, what happens is that I'm left without much to say this morning. I aplogize for that and will try to do better around lunchtime or later this evening. Certainly by tomorrow morning. Perhaps I'll post some of the delights from the truly insightful and wonderful novel Helena.

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"Who cares?" I do. Keep it coming.

This post exhibits the sort of honesty and humanity that keeps me coming back to Flos Carmeli.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! He knew little of books but the one book most needful. Preach the gospel boldly, Steven.

I am looking forward to reading some delightful insights from the novel Helena or whatever else strikes your fancy to write about. As Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, "Many of us will die with the music still in us." Please don't be hesitant about sharing your "music" with your readers.

Psalm 41,

Thank you. I will always be willing to share the music, it was the din of the traffic outside I was trying to screen out. (And mostly successfully did.) But thank you so much for your kindness.



ELC,TSO. Franklin,

You're all too kind. (Or given the quantity would that be three kind?) Thank you.




(And if you can't think of anything else, you could pick up the baton I tossed you over on my site!)



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