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It has been confirmed, I will be visiting Dallas at the end of this month. If any of y'all have advice about good places to eat/see while there please let me know. Generally on these trips we are not allowed to rent cars so I'm stuck with public transport and will be staying Downtown, downtown--a couple of blocks from the convention center.

Restaurant ideas are greatly appreciated!

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Where kind of work do you do, that they don't allow you to rent cars on such trips? Is it industry or academic or other? I've never known a company or a university to deny car rental to its employees; hence the question.

Dear Jack,

I don't pay for travel in business trips, so I could rent a car, but I'm not footing the bill. Thus, I'd either eat (preferable) or rent a car. But not both. This is because large numbers of people go on these trips and not everyone could rent a car--keeping expenses down. I don't mind and I don't resent it, it's simply a fact of life I have to deal with.



Ah, it was the "large numbers of people" part that was eluding me. Yes, when I go on trips, "we" rent one car for all of us. I understand completely now.

Dallas is not a great place to be without a car, in fact, it makes for a rather difficult life, even with the public transport--DART in Dallas, and the T in Ft. Worth.

Downtown has a few places to eat, but it's not like other big city downtowns. Gets real quiet after the sun goes down.

My suggestion is to take the DART light rail North up to Mockingbird Station--restaurants, shopping, Angelika movie theater.

You could also take it up to CityPlace and ride the trolley over to the West Village (not the West End, which is ok but a bit humdrum and occasionally dangerous).

If you have time, take the Trinity Rail Express over to Ft. Worth and see the Arts District, Sundance Square, and the Stockyards. All are accessible by FW's pub trans, the T.

End of the month? Easter? Where are you going to celebrate Easter Mass?

Let me know if I can be of any help. I live out in Plano, which is about half-an-hour (no traffic or by rail) of Dallas.


Steven, when will you be here? I know nothing of downtown Dallas eateries, but I'd love to have a glass of tea with you while you're here!

Taking DART is a good idea and Mockingbird Station is an interesting place though pretty small. Still for all its tininess, it does have a couple of good restaurants AND the Angelika, as Chris mentioned. We live about 3 minutes from there ... planning to see Paperclips there this weekend.

If you and mama t get together for that glass of tea let me know because i'd love to meet you both! :-)

Count me in on the tea!

The other nice thing about Mockingbird Station is that you can catch the shuttle (Mustang Express, about a five minute jaunt) over to SMU and the Meadows Museum, which has a nice collection of Spanish art, saints and such.

While in downtown, and if you have the time, you can catch daily masses at both the Cathedral (on Ross) and at St. Jude Chapel (1521 Main). Cathedral English DM's are at noon (if you go on Sunday, be aware that there are several masses in Spanish); St Jude Chapel's are 11:40am and 12:10pm.




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