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I'm off shortly to Dallas for a convention. In addition to the routine dozen and a half vendor meetings and meet and greet with all and sundry, my days will be considerable lightened by a lunch meeting on Saturday in which I will meet two of the three Summa Mamas (I hope) and Julie Davis of Happy Catholic. I can't begin to say how thrilled I am that this can happen.

And yes, TSO, eventually I will make it back to Columbus and we'll have to have a gathering of the Columbus bloggers. (It may even be this year--who knows?)

I'll keep you all informed as to my future jaunts. I'm always looking to meet the people from St. Blogs.

But I'm especially pleased about this trip because I get to meet three ladies from Texas--and as we all know, Texas practically defines what it means to be a lady!

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Indeed our meeting must be the most oft delayed in the history of blogging. But it is much fun reading blogger's reactions to meeting other bloggers, so please give us a full report.

Well... whenever you're in NYC, let us know! :)

Have a good time in Dallas. The blogosphere is a lesser place without you.

well now, i've never been accused of being a lady, but mamaT is as fine a lady as they come and is more'n enough lady for the both of us. i look forward to our meetin', sir.

But is Mama T enough of a lady to let me ride those coattails too?

take his head along with schivaos and freeze then along with joe dimaggio.



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