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You all are undoubtedly aware of the Awards vote in progress. I would like to thank CyberCatholics for the wonderful community service they perform in organizing this. I'm not one for competitions, but as a result of this I have discovered several new and delightful blogs. Go and vote (or not, as you feel led), but whatever you do check out some of the things that you may not even have been aware exist at St. Blogs. What a wonderful treat. (It's how I found the Nuns sledding). Many, many thanks to the people who have gone through all the effort to organize this.

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Hello Stephen.

I stopped by to say hello after a long break from the computer. "Hello" :) I'm very glad to be back online and to visit my favorite sites (like this one) You are a blessing to me.

Congratulations on the nomination for the Blog Awards. It's well deserved!

In Christ,



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