Adoption Day

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A quiet day for me today as we went out and celebrated Adoption Day with all due pomp and ceremony. Magic Kingdom--Haunted Mansion, Tom Sawyer Island, Pirates, Lunch, Two TTA, The Drag Race, Buzz Lightyear, and Snow White. Then dinner.

God has been so gracious and kind to us. Please join me and my family in thanksgiving for the wonderful gift every family has in its children, and most particularly for blessing us with Samuel to make up our family. We would have done just fine if God had not seen fit to grant us children, but I am so thankful that His providence has so blessed us.

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Congratulations! Now is this the day that Samuel was adopted, or is it a national day of some sort that I have completly missed?

Dear Essy,

Just our adoption day. The one thing I've been able to thank the legal system for in recent days.



Three cheers for Samuel!
Three cheers for Linda!
Three cheers for Steven!

And infinite praise of the God who brought them all together!


That is great! I did not realize that Samuel was a member of the club. It is fun being adopted, really. Most of the time, when you think that your parents are the best, you are glad to have them and that they taught you their values and formed you and all that. Then you become a teenager and you are glad that you cannot possibly inherit the stupid gene that both of your parents obviously have. Then you outgrow that and go back to number one, but in a more mature way.

The real fun is meeting people who say things like, "you look just like your..." Well, other than the fact that we have completely different builds, hair color, amount of hair (sorry, Dad, tee hee hee), eye color, nose shape, face shape, earlobes, skin tone, abilities to roll the tongue, etc., why we are practically clones!



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