The Day After Tomorrow

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Wretched science, wretched excess, wretched Hollywood preaching, wretched plot, wretched characters.

But still and all it was nice to see Los Angeles utterly blown away by super-ultra-gigantic melding tornadic vortices.

Stupid beyond words--showing us how global warming triggers an ice age (Huh?) is six weeks or less.

Not up to the sheer comedic stupidity of that greatest of all idiotic science films Dante's Peak but still, there's enough bad science and bad preaching to provide a few good belly laughs. Somehow, I suspect that wasn't what the filmakers were aiming for, but this one will rate very highly in my hall of shame.

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It was an environmental sermon disguised as a summer special effects movie. A virtual junk science feast of both laughable science bad dialog. They just don't make SF B-movies like they use to.

I have to admit I thought the UFOs cruising down the streets of Los Angeles in War of the Worlds was better. I could actually root for the aliens in that one.



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