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TSO noted that this Catholic Commenatry on the Bible was available online. I don't know what Questia is, but if it is open to all, this is a wonderful resource.

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Hmmm...looking at it further it looks like you get a free preview but have to subscribe to see everything. I stumbled across it thinking it was free.

I bought the commentary on ebay a couple years ago. I think it quite good.


Keli Stafford
The 2River View, 9.2 (Winter 2005)
Guided only by cracks in the pavement
she runs,her body ice-pale, ribs poking
through her skin like wings.

Every step burns her breathless.
The wind rides
her heels and whispers

words to the back of her neck.
She gives up a sigh to the air
and it hisses like raindrops falling

on fire.
She knows now what it is to breathe.
It is all uphillin the cold, her hair a liquid darkness

like a halo of icicles
as she runsfrom a wind that strips skin down
to bone.

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