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And then get points for having lots of heart. They are just in the process of moving first Friday adoration to all Fridays. This is the first step of a campaign to institute perpetual adoration. I don't care how much hand-holding goes on in the Church, when their heart is set on making the Eucharist the center of parish life, they are going the right direction.

Wanting to encourage this trend, I immediately signed up for some Friday hours. You could choose one or more Fridays of the month. Knowing that I can't do anything halfway--I signed up for all Fridays at the last hour available. This was before I looked at the brochures.

Well it turns out that the Friday hour I chose will have Rosary in English and Spanish followed by Benediction. In other words, virtually no chance of any quiet at all, with the additional penance of public Rosary.

Well, for a change the Holy Spirit led, and I listened. Thus, I am absolutely certain this is what is meant for me and I am deeply grateful for being able to participate.

Another thing my Parish is doing is bringing to our attention "Equal Exchange" or "Fair Trade" coffee and cocoa. Yes, this is exactly in line with the mushy-headed thinking of people who hold hands during the "Our Father." And I love it.

It means ultimately that we pay a bit more for coffee that might not be so good as some of the more exotic brands and roasts, and as a result the people growing the coffee get what amounts to a living wage in their part of the world. This is not to say that they make princely sums, but that they make a good deal more than the average person in the same place in the world.

This is one of those way to implement economic justice that just doesn't hurt all that much. (But then I (1) don't drink coffee at all; and (2) I'm not a conoisseur of coffee and cocoa. ) Linda was enthusiatic about supporting this cause.

I sincerely hope that my parish continues efforts in these directions. Implementing true social and economic justice without trying to level the playing field (hardly "just" in any sense of the word) is part of the Catholic Christian message. If we can help simply by buying coffee, what a wonderful privilege!

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Happy Birthday!
I'm very happy you were born!
Praise God and thanks to your parents!

"...the Friday hour I chose will have... public Rosary."

Uh-oh, Steven! This may be an early indication of plans afoot - Heavenly plans - to get you hooked on Mary's School!

I don't drink coffee, but that "fair trade" stuff seems to me to be exactly the sort of stuff people should be doing. They sell it at my parish, too.

Perpetual adoration is well-meant, and a practice meant for certain religious orders, but having it in all the parishes is neither traditional nor the solution to local liturgical/theological problems. Traditionally the bishop strictly controls when and where Exposition and Benediction are done. The Mass and divine office are central - these things aren't. Bringing back the Tridentine Mass, at least the 1965 recension of it, would undo the damage you're trying to fix.



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