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TSO has put up a provocative and intriguing excerpt from the always controversial Father Greeley. In this case I don't think he says anything too off-base. But I'd love to hear other views--particularly of his view of the Reformation.

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Obviously I agree with him insofar as he argues that the two schools of thought are in tension. I would even agree with his describing the two as Augustinian idealism versus Thomist realism.

However, this wasn't in any way the cause of the Protestant Reformation. I don't think it even exacerbated it in any way. The Reformation wasn't about idealism vs. realism; the Reformation was about fraud perpetuated on a mass scale; and it was abetted by runaway nationalism. The leaders of the Church had lost their way, had become corrupt and worldly, and had lost their love for the truth. Martin Luther deserved excommunication for his 95 theses, but he was rightly indignant at the rampant abuses.

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