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It comes as considerable pleasure to me that the perennial highest scorers for visitors to my site come as a result of searching for one of the following terms:

blue-ringed octopus
Gustave Dore
Rime of the Ancient Mariner

While this post will not help those visitors, a quick run by my search box in the left hand column might do so. Be warned, however, that there is nothing here likely to help those in search of deep scholarly wisdom. I admire those things that I admire, but I do not claim to explicate them to the world at large. Enjoy the treasures I have found, may you delight in them as well, but don't expect that there will be any profound insights.

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FYI, your information which used to appear in the lefthand column has been appearing at the very bottom of the white column for a few days.

Dear Katherine,


Someone else reported this as well, but I've been unable to replicate it either on MAC or PC in any browser, so it unfortunately becomes nearly impossible to fix. It will likely vanish when the offending post goes away.



My highest scoring search engine hit is "lesbianism"! (It's all due to one post criticizing a popular sexualized interpretation of Coleridge's Christabel; that post has steadily, ever since I posted it, received more search engine hits than the entire rest of my blog combined.) Close seconds are "cosmological argument" and "Aquinas".



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