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You know, every time I write about politics, I just become more confused about the whole point. I really think Jeff Culbreath, the Amish, and the Mennonites have a really keen idea.

However, until I live in a separated community, I really don't have much choice but to participate. Or is that true? The Church teaches that it is a moral obligation to work within the system, and yet I cannot but wonder if it isn't at times a moral obligation to turn your back on a system that consistently fails you.

The withdrawal from the affairs of politics offers harmony, peace, and good-living without extensive argumentation on either side. I do not have to support someone engage in dubious battle, and even less someone who would countencance the slaughter of the innocents.

Well, what is a blog for but thinking aloud? I think I'll return to things my mind was made for--literature and spiritual writing. I am always distressed in writing even remotely about politics and while I try to persuade myself that I have no convictions, what i actually discover is a mass of self contradictory convictions on which no reasonable person, let alone party, could build a platform for living. Better just to travel the gospel way.

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Interesting post, Steven. There may come a time when Catholics must prudentially embrace a form of political quietism, but I don't think the time is now, and I hope I have not given that impression at ECR. The reorganization of Catholic communities does not, today, require a total disconnect from American civic and political life. It is merely a means to recapture the kind of common life towards which Christians should naturally gravitate.

Dear Jeff,

I think I knew that, although having read your site I was uncertain, because your suggestions were colored with my own bias. Thank you for clarifying.

And I think you are probably right on what and when. Frustration sets in and it clouds vision.





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