From Ronald Knox--Sermon on Advent

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They only knew that, some time, the stock of David would burgeon anew; some time, a key would be found to fit the door of their prison house; some time, the light that only showed now, like a will-o'-the-wisp on the horizon would broaden out, at last, into the perfect day.

This attitude of expectation is one which the Church wants to encourage in us, her children permanently. She sees it as an essential part of our Christian drill. . . So she encourages us, during Advent, to take the shepherd-folk for our guides, and imagine ourselves travelling with them at dead of night, straining our eyes towards that chink of light which streams out, we know, from the cave at Bethlehem.

I found the excerpt in In Conversation with God for the Advent Season.

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Nice post, Steven. I have a question: a local Priest here in Michigan stated that Advent is NOT a time of penance. This struck me as being not correct. I understand that he was trying to emphasize a change in our hearts; a welecoming of others into the Church, etc. I think that he sees penance as something that people lean on as an "external" while not really focusing on a true change of heart.

I understand the point he is trying to make, but I think he is mistaken to say that it is not a time of penance. Even the liturgical color, purple, is a sign of penance. I don't think penance should be separated from working on a change of heart. Rather, I think it should be used to foster a change of heart.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

God bless!!



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