"Absorbent and Yellow and Porous Is He. . . "

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The long awaited advent of that Art House film was greeted by yours truly and Son almost on the day of its arrival.

Yes, Spongebob Squarepants:The Movie (Bigger. Better. More Absorbent.) is with us in full cinematic glory, and indeed glorious it is--from the live action pirate beginning to the post credits live action clearing of the theater, every moment is a triumph.

Seriously--it's not for the very young. One woman near me brought her son, who may have been three or four and there were some moments that would have been frightening (especially given the big screen) to one so young. However, if your munchkins are in the 5-whatever age-group, Spongebob provides exactly what they need to be semi-permenantly wound-up.

Except for Ellyn, I've anecdotally notices a tremendous divide on the part of Spongebob, and it showed in the attendees at this theatre--they were overwhelmingly male. Some mothers reluctnatly trudged in to endure the high-pitched voices and the hyperactivity of Spongebob and Patrick, but most of the cause for the attendance was male. Linda despises Spongebob and is constantly lamenting that Samuel can't see Bugs Bunny and friends. But those of us who have come to know and love Spongebob know that the secret is in his kindness and his irrepressible good cheer even in the worst of circumstances.

The Spongebob movies is everything you've come to expect of Spongebob and more--as the advertising line says: Bigger. Better. More Absorbent.

So it you're of a Spongebob mind, grab a kid and run for the nearest theater. If not, you may want to pay the exorbitant rates and become acquainted with the residents of Bikini Bottom because you are missing out on some generally pleasant, exceptionally generous and kind (if somewhat below the average wattage) company.

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This is why I like you, Steven. Holiness and Spongebob, all wrapped up in one amazing package!

Since I have no "little" to take, I'll wait and see it on video. But see it I will.

Dear MamaT,

Another female Spongebob fan heard from!

Oh frabjous day. I think that makes 5 in my acquaintance along with a vast sea of women who simply can't see the attraction. I had begun to think it was rather like the 3 stooges (whom I find rather difficult to stomach). But apparently there is a crypto-Spongebob community out there!

How wonderful!





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