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You scored as Catholic. Welcome to the One, Holy, CATHOLIC, and Apostolic Church! You my Friend are a Catholic. You have a strong sense of something outside of yourself and feel drawn to answer profound questions to satisfy your desires. You recognize that truth isn't self-centered or about inventing something new, but rather following the road map of your heart to a bigger picture. You are probably baptized.













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And now the zinger--an old complaint, but one I never tire of repeating. Why the heck is there "Catholic" as some sort of distinct entity from Christian. It is this mindset/divide that really defines Catholic identity in the minds of many. My wife had a very dear friend of long duration with whom she had spoken for a great many years. When my wife announced that she was becoming Catholic, the friend's response was, "Well you won't be Christian any more and I don't assoicate with non-christians." (She was following a supposedly Biblical injunction to this effect. However, I wonder how well she functioned as an evangelist if this was truly what she practiced.)

Anyway, for future quizmasters--Catholic is Christian, definitively Christian, one of two "Churches" that has the right and obligation to define the meaning of Christian. We do not sit outside of tradition, we are the tradition which gives meaning at all to the word Christian.

Diatribe over, but sure to rise to the surface again given the next quiz to separate the groups without appropriate modifiers, i.e. "Other" Christians.

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You know, Steven, we Catholics should technically be a subclassification under 'Cult' (category 6). In fact, the 'Christian' category should simply be entitled 'Baptist.' It would save a lot of confusion.


I agree with your comments and appreciate Jamie's. I just added it up and decided I was 140% Christian! Not bad for a wee sinner -


I couldn't be more pleased!

I came up 95% Catholic
75% Jewish
65% "Christian," which I presume is protestant.

I wish I could put my finger on the Christian/Catholic dichotomy. Protestants think it's the doctrines--that we're idolatrous for holding certain of them. I think the Living Eucharist has more significance than they realize--it gives believing Catholics a certain je ne sais quoi, a loving long-sightedness, that many protestants don't seem to have.



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