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A while back I lamented the long and laborious road to the collection of comments. I pointed out that while Summa Mamas had been in existence about half as long they had garnered far more comments.

But this is about something even more important, something over which I have control and by which I am astounded.

Very shortly, within the week certainly, and depending upon production perhaps even today or tomorrow, I shall have reached post 3000. I don't know why I find that so remarkable except to think that were I to print all of this out it would make a substantial volume of prose. Relatively bad prose, I fear because such things as are posted are frequently hurriedly composed.

Nevertheless, 3000 is on its way!

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Ah, but Mr. Riddle, what you write is so much more worthwhile than what WE write.

I am always a touch afraid to respond--for I fear that I cannot keep up in the discussion.

We are just sillies.

YOU are the real deal--and never underestimate the numbers of us who read you but do not comment. You always give me something to think about.

Mama T,

Thanks kindly for the words of encouragement, but don't underestimate the wonderful things you put on the blog. Sure, just like this place, some are sure silliness, but much of it is also the "real deal." Perhaps the deal is a slightly different focus, but never underestimate the good you do by offering a reason to smile or one of you book reviews. I avoided several interesting-sounding but bad books by reading at your place, and I've found an equal number worthy of my time.





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