Why So Little Posting?

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I find that I am tired.

I am spiritually worn out from the battle between those who tell me I MUST vote according to this or that piece of the Catechism and my own overly developed conscience, which tells me that a vote either way is a compromise with evil. I've read all of the arguments I've encountered and all they do is further weary me.

Political ads weary me.

In fact the only really bright points on the Florida ballot are a constitutional amendment requiring parental notification before abortion and the chance to vote against two of those who occupy the Executioner's chairs in our idiotic judiciary.

So, for a while, poetry. This weariness with political matters has too thoroughly inflitrated my mind to allow me to sail out of the spiritual doldrums. I'll enjoy the view while I'm here, and soon enough this concern will have passed and I'll come up with another excuse for why I make no progress.

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What happened to the daily intercession reminders?

Perhaps this will put things in perspective:


It certainly helped me.


I didn't think anyone was paying attention, so I abandoned it. I have kept up my own personal list, but I have not tried the patience of my audience further. However, if others find it useful I will reinstate.



Yay, poetry! More poetry, please.

Do you garden? I'd imagine the whole approach to gardening in Florida is much different from up here in the snow belt.

Meanwhile, the trees are beginning to turn here. One neighbor's maple is empty, but our maple is just now thinking abut it and dropping a few trial leaves. The female gingko has been slowly yellowing the last month, but hasn't dropped many yet - heck, she's dropped more branches and nuts than leaves. The nuts crackle under your feet, and if you pause a moment you can catch a whiff of their rancid butter smell. Most of the leaves in our north yard are from the neighbor's old oak tree; I'll need to start raking those soon. The male gingko's leaves in the south yard are just starting to show a hint of yellow around the edges. Our two cedar trees outside the dining room window don't change much, being contemplative evergreens.

Anyways, more poetry would be welcome. I'm tone-deaf when it comes to poetry, so when someone with excellent taste carefully selects a handful and writes a bit about them, I'm finally able to enjoy them and take some solid reality from them.

If it matters, I read every word you write, every day.

If I don't comment much at all, it's only because I figure everyone gets more than enough of me over at Fiesole's.

I especially loved the lines from The Tatler, "As I am called forth by the immense love I bear to my fellow creatures, and the warm inclination I feel within me, to stem, as far as I can, the prevailing torrent of vice and ignorance..." To hear a sermon start out with those words, now that'd wake 'em up on Sunday, wouldn't it?


I can relate and commiserate with the weariness you seem to be experiencing. I know I have had it in spades and I'm sure many others do. The frustration with being told what to do (how to vote, what you MUST, how to breathe, etc) and not getting constant feedback that our efforts are recognized and appreciated can wear on us and take it's toll.

You're in our prayers as I hope we're in yours. Remain close to the Lord and He will inspire you, most likely in ways you do not expect.


Steven, I never thanked you for including me and my business on your daily intercession list. I am very grateful indeed.

Don't let the politics get you down. I find that when my expectations are low I am seldom disappointed. :-)

God keep you.

hear hear.



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