Twelve Tribes of Voters

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From Don Jim a link to an interesting analysis of religious voters. Do you fit in a tribe?

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Of the "tribes" listed, I'd be a "Heartland Cultural Warrior," but I'm not a heartland cultural warrior. And I wonder why biblical literacy is taken to imply orthodoxy.

I've been correctly pigeon-hole'd as a Heartland Cultural Warrior. I guess I'll have to find my individuality outside of politics.

Dear Tom

I responded to you yesterday, but it got sucked into the blogtex. I tend to agree with his analysis, technically I fall into the heartland culture warriors, but not really. However, it is refreshing to see something that doesn't lump all "religious" voters into the same category.

Dear TSO,

But is politics really about identity anyway? I think individuality cannot be sufficiently expressed within a political system anyway. And those who read what you write often already fully know the delightful diversity that resides with you. But carry on Culture Warrior, we need more and stronger voices.



Very true. It's easy to get sucked into that politics=identity myth. Besides, my blog is ecelectic enough. Jeff Culbreath once said, "you look so NORMAL looking!". Wasn't sure if I should take that as as a compliment but...



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