The Housekeeper and the Engineer

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Even when I disagreed, I liked very much what I read here. The writer seems to be a genuinely pleasant, concerned parent. I loved the pictures and the reflections--go and enjoy.

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Thanks Steven! Did you make a comment on my blog somewhere and I miss it though? Just curious at what I'd said that you disagreed about! Please let me know!
God bless.

Dear Alexa,

No, I just wasn't quite sure how to take the Kerry sticker at the bottom of the first or second entry. The entry itself suggests that it may be intended ironically, but I wasn't able to be certain, and I'm not certain that either use would constitute an open disagreement.

If I have time, I may e-mail you on one other point that I haven't been able to articulate in such a way as to remove its potential offensiveness, so I certainly don't wish to make it public and I want to couch it with as much diplomacy as I possibly can because I really like your blog. (Or is it multiple--blogs?)





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