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Marriage is really under attack, both in the abstract formulation of law and in the concrete. We all know of some very prominent Catholics whose marriage is unfortunately falling apart quite publicly; however, there are any number of private crises as well.

As faithful Catholic we need to take a stand in prayer and fasting for marriage. Please consider offering even a single meal, or that tempting snack or desert, some small personal sacrifice in the name of the many who are enduring very, very difficult times right now. The assault seems enormous. Every time I turn around, I seem to learn of another couple whose marriage is in danger. Please give some time todqy, perhaps a decade of the rosary, perhaps during the Divine Mercy chaplet, or perhaps some other small prayer for the many, many people who are enduring this onslaught of the evil one. He will not cease until he has utterly corrupted or destroyed this life-giving sacrament.

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An excellent idea, Steven!

I'd like to mention that we could suggest to couples--especially before they have a big problem--that they pray Morning and/or Evening Prayer from the Divine Office on a regular basis. I learned this firsthand myself, and then recommended it to a newlywed couple. Frankly, I thought I could see friction coming, still unseen by them. They took up both Prayers and have remained faithful to the practice every day. Despite the pressures of their high-powered lives, they are remaining steadfast in the faith and their marriage commitment.
Praise be to our wonderful saving Lord!!


I shared your request with my children at the end of our morning prayer time beginning school. The eldest took up the cause with gusto. He prayed a whole rosary (20 mysteries) for this intention. He did so on his own. And he awoke this morning and let me know how much more whole he felt for having spent the time praying. He is going to try a nightly rosary (5 decades). I am pleased and impressed. He is only 10!

Dear Katherine,

Thank You! That prayer is such a blessing coming from one so young. This news has really made my whole day. Thank you!





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