Prayer Requests 11 October 2004


Praise and Prayer Requests
Please include Linda's concerns in a special way in your prayers today. She is undergoing a most arduous trial at the present time and needs the support of all of us.

For the repose of the soul of M. aged twenty who died in a collision and most especially for the family and friends he left behind.

For the repose of the soul of MIke, recently baptized, aged 25, found dead on his couch by his parent Saturday. May he be with the Lord already.

For Msgr. Harte, Pastor of the Shrine of Mary Queen of the Universe, recovered and still recovering from surgery.

For Terry Schiavo (sp?) who was once again placed in harm's way by a "compassionate" court that washed their hands of blood in the same way as Pilate did--"we only interpret the law."

For Smockmomma's sister Charlene, may God help her, heal her, and above all else hold her close in time of yet another trial.

For a troubled marriage, that it may open to the Lord's healing touch and blossom with all the potential that is within it.

Please continue to pray for Dylan until he returns to us.

A quick sale and an easy move for Tom and his family as they set out on another exciting adventure in life.

For the people of the Sudan oppressed on all sides that they receive justice, mercy, and reprieve.

For those struggling against self to attain holiness, that the Good Lord will raise up new Saints for our times, visible beacons that draw all people toward Christ.

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