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It will come as a great relief to you that while I drafted an exceedingly long screed with regard to my political opinions, I have concluded that no one really needs to be bothered with them at all. You've heard enough from me about this, and it is October, too glorious to be further sullied by my meandering tortuous political musings. So, as I have granted you this reprieve, I think you should all return the favor by indulging in either fifteen minutes with the KJV (or other appropriately beautiful translation--Douay Rheims, RSV, etc.) or a similar amount of time with the 1662 BCP.

Later I note after the fact that TSO has also foresworn some degree of political blogging. Tant pis! (and yes, those are false cognates and you should get your mind out of the gutter). He fears he may alienate the 2.5 progressives who occasionally drop by to visit. I don't know where I fall in that mysterious political spectrum having few defined opinions on issues outside of "life." But no amount of political haranguing would ever alienate me from so pleasant a conversational grotto. So, TSO, I say, blog away. If it poses a near occasion of sin, avoid it but otherwise, say what's on your mind and Vive la differerance (opinionwise of course--see above comment about gutters.)!

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Gracias you are too kind. I've received my assignment - I must hie thee to my D-R version tonight. Mainly I don't want to blog about politics because I'm violating the old saying "speak the truth in love". I speak what I think is the truth with little love (a bad combo). For example I wrote about the Washington Post yesterday putting these words in their editorial maw: "Because most of our writers have never had an economics course, we lean to the left." It's insulting to imply that anyone who is properly educated will lean to the right when we all know there are many left-wing economists.



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