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From a correspondent--an extremely interesting site with everything you always wanted to know about Jansenism but were afraid to ask. Note the inclusion of a PDF of Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange's Grace, being a Thomistic explanation of the doctrine of Grace &c.

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Yowza, Mr. Riddle! You might want to include a disclaimer about the rest of that obscene website. There's a Hellish stench there you don't often find online.

Dear Mr. White,

Honestly, I didn't look past the linked page. Thanks for the heads up. It does appear to be an ultra-traditionalist if not downright schismatic site (main page features a picture of Archbishop Lefebvre). Is this the strain you were referring to or is there something else that (fortunately) I overlooked as well?

My apologies if others found questionable things here. Neverhteless, the page linked to does have some good information.

My thanks again for the cautionary note.



Dear Mr. White,

Later--got it. I really didn't look too closely even at the lead page. Sorry. It is a virulently anti-semitic site. I honestly wish that those who follow tranditionalist ways would consider how much harm is done with articles like "Jewish Ritual Murder of Catholic Children Proven!" It's nonsense and the a much nastier, more virulent form of what we all despise in Jack Chick publications. Hatred is evil no matter what the cause. To spread slander and terrible lies about any group is unconscionable. It's a shame that traditionalist and, in this case probable schismatics, do not realize the harm they do their cause when they preach hatred.



I originally sent this site to Steven and I had also only looked at the linked page. The home page is truly horrible. It is incredible to find such pure hate associated with supposed love for the Church.

Sorry, I didn't look deepen.


Dear Jeff,

Please don't apologize. The page you sent had good information, and I stand by linking to that single page. But I think Mr. White's warning and my discussion above are sufficient to warn any interested in the material to simply look at the page. I had considered adding it to the permanent links, but obviously given the unsavory associations, I won't do that. Nevertheless, it's nice to have a compendium. You didn't post the material, you have nothing to apologize for. And as I said, I am grateful for the good information that comes from the page. It is rather like reading Tertullian and Origen--one must separate the really good from the heterodox. Here I suggest that the interested reader visit only the page indicated and stray no further.

Is this, perhaps, an effect of Jansenism?





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