I Voted!

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Just so we can start our recounts earlier and prolong the legal wrangling, Florida now has early voting for nearly everyone. So as to avoid TMI, let us say that I went with the leading of the Holy Spirit at the moment. That means that for Ms. Schiavo I expressed my stern disapproval of everyone who occupies the bench at the moment and in the defense of life I voted to amend our constitution. (It will probably be struck down, but then, there's not even that hope if I don't set it up to start with.)

Even if you find it impossible to vote for president this year, there are a great many other matters of local concern that I urge everyone to consider carefully before avoiding the polling place.

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"TMI" you say??

Heh-heh, this wouldn't be terminal myocardial infarct, would it? Nah, maybe transmural myocardial infarct...... yeah, that's it.

But not only Florida, but also Ohio?/Illinois?

I understand they printed the ballot goofy-ish to trick Publicans into voting for the Green Party. Aren't they gonna look good when the dust settles. The ultimate Donkey revenge. Oh, saints of blog, pray for us.....



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