The Branch Theory of Ecclesiology

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Via Dappled Things, a wonderful essay at Pontificaitons examining branch theory. An excerpt below, please go and read the whole thing.

Fr. Gregory Mathewes-Green on Pontifications

First, the fact that Anglicanism has fallen into heresy and apostasy is itself evidence that, even if the branch theory were valid, Anglicanism is not and was not one of the branches—probably not since the East-West split and certainly not since the Reformation. A community’s apostolicity is evidenced in that it continues to hold the apostolic Faith. There may be from time to time theological ferment and heated doctrinal debate, but when the time comes for decision making, that community which is apostolic insists on fidelity to that received Tradition. Anglicanism is presently not such a community.

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Wonderful article, Mr. Riddle!

This is a little off topic, but perhaps you might find this interesting:

I followed Fr. Mathewes-Green's link to his wife Frederica's article recounting their journey from Anglicanism to Orthodoxy. (It seems that Fr. Mathewes-Green is a priest in one of the Orthodox Churches, although I didn't learn which one).

Here is Mrs. Mathewes-Green's description of her impressions from her initial encounters with Orthodoxy, "It's going to demand a hell of a lot out of you, and it's not going to cater to your individual whims, but when it's through with you you're going to be more than you ever knew you could be."

Ah, how many of us Roman Catholics can say we receive similar impressions from our encounters with our own faith?

Thank you. Please pray for me.

I usually don't stay in the same room with my faith long enough to receive much of an impression.

But the impression I get during my even briefer encounters with Orthodoxy is too much bound up in a few words Steven quotes -- "probably not since the East-West split" -- for me to envy the Mathewes-Greens.

Well said, Tom, as always!



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