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Frances approaches, relentlessly and slowly. As in Andrew Marvell's "vaster than empires and more slow." She's a huge and slow behemoth. We experienced one rain band about 11:00 it dissipated in about 15 minutes. Strongish winds now, but nothing most of you haven't experienced in the course of a normal thunderstorm.

Frances is supposed to come ashore between West Palm Beach and Melbourne. The eye is so large and disorganized it may span much of that stretch. So eventually we will get hurricane winds (so the scientists tell us, I remain hopeful that God will ameliorate the worst of these possibilites. Prayer has been powerful in reduding this storm thus far.

So my message, keep praying. The Weather Channel is a good source of info, but they do tend toward the sensationalistic.

Thank heavens Florida Officials had the wisdom to clear people out of places that were likely to be most highly affected. We should not blame officials for taking all necessary action, nor should we become complacent and allow this to affect future actions. For one, I think I'll be looking into investing in some heavy duty installed shutters ASAP after the storm. They may provide only minimal protection, but then I will at least have the comfort of feeling that I have done as much as I can.

All I can say is that clear though it is now, please keep praying and praising God for the great good that is in His will as He breaks this storm apart. Flooding is still a real possibility, and we wait. . . .

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Still praying for you in Bradenton, FL.

We felt that rainband too, Steven. Winds gusted to 40 or 50. There's a tall oak tree on the border between our neighbor's yard and our own. It's listing like the Tower of Pisa, not quite having been uprooted by Charley. I'll be watching it closely. What I don't understand is why, with the storm moving so slowly, it won't lose more of its force more quickly, and thus spare us the hurricane force winds. But that's not the forecast. Of course, I don't know nothin' about the weather, except that some days it makes you want to write poetry, and on others to curse the elements.

Cool view:

Ok, we're beginning to get major rain and wind. What will things be like in 6 or 12 or 24 hours?

I'm assuming that it is not a sin if I don't make it to church tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. At 2:00 p.m. the eye of the hurricane should be less than 50 miles from our little home.

I'm going to take some Xanax now.


Even with the Xanax, keep praying. The bands will pass through--the storm is supposed to go through Tampa, if so you'll be (most of the time) on the drier SW side. Take heart and trust, your prayers have done wonders so far, as have the prayers of all St. Blogs. All will be well.

I'm still waiting for the hammer to fall here, but I am so appreciative of all the prayers and aid I have received from everyone.



Been praying for you guys. Hoping for the best!

The hurricane at night--infrared version of the above link:

As I write this, the storm is losing its coherence and strength. I'll keep praying for you and yours. Peace.

praying, and thanks for the updates



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