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This may be the last you hear from me for some time--at least until after the storm passes, if it follows the track most commonly predicted. (There is consolation in the fact that Charley did not follow predictions, so there is some hope).

The more I read the more terrified I am of the potential harm, even inland, of this storm. St. Therese said that all of our sorrows are in yesterday and tomorrow, and yet there is something anticipatory about the human animal.

Both the winds and the rains stand in position to do tremendous damage to my own house to those of ourneighbors. If as much rain falls as is predicted there could be flooding such that the entire Orlando/Kissimmee metroplex becomes one large lake. (Or so the doomsayers say. I suppose it is possible, I don't really know.)

I've already got a "blemish" on the roof, these winds will exacerbate it and if this rain falls, the ceiling in one of my rooms will come down as well.

In addition, the debris on the streets makes for powerful projectiles to go through windows and even our concrete block. If you've never experienced a hurricane, I don't think you can imagine how really very frightening it may be.

Please pray for protection and safety of all of the people of Florida and for those already hit hard by Charley. I am in a relatively good place compared to my neighbors. Even so, I have been unable to eat for the last two days and don't anticipate any improvement in this condition until after the crisis passes Sunday evening.

I need the consolation of knowing that some small group is holding us all up in prayer. I need to internalize that God's will is done in this as in all things. I'm just not certain I want to see the outcome of this aspect of His will. Pray particularly for Samuel and his protection. With his father a basket case, he needs protection both from the physical elements and any lasting harm such a traumatic event might wreak on him incidentally from his father's weakness.

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on behalf of Steven, dear Mr Luse, and all the Floridians that might be facing this hurricane.... Read More


I'll be praying with six or seven other men at all-night Eucharistic Adoration this (First) Friday. I promise that your family will be added to the list of intentions for which we will be interceding. May our merciful Lord spare you!

You have my prayers, such as they are.

I'm with you Steven. As I write, the storm's been downgraded to a cat 3. Maybe the prayers of readers will continue to suck it dry. If you're having trouble eating, try beer. It's working for me.

You've got my prayers, dear Steven.



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