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Linda and Steven Riddle are delighted to announce the celebration of their 20th anniversary TODAY! (loud cheers, some coughing, a few hiccoughs)

You are all cordially invited to contribute to your own spouses and loved ones all prayers, well-wishes, and any individual expressions of congratulations you wish to offer. May they rise up and become a sweet smelling incence in Heaven, which I am certain rejoices with us in this celebration of continued sacramental union.

May our day of blessing bless all who are married with moments of peace, tranquility, and ardent love. God bless you all.

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Wonderful! Congratulations Steven.

Congratulations! May the next twenty years of your marriage be richly blessed.

I add my congratulations, as well. Working on year 16 for me.

Oh, and my wife, too.

Congratulations! May you enjoy scores and scores more years, in love and peace.


Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary, Steven! And thank you for your witness of fidelity to your marriage commitment.

Happy Anniversary to you both!!

God bless! :-)

Congratulations and much joy to Linda and Steven. May you both live to celebrate your 70th (at least)wedding anniversary.

How wonderful! COngratulations to the both of you.

Late to the party :) A happy and blessed anniversary to you.



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