It's Mostly Passed

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Jeanne has mostly passed. Now we just have a steady 40-50 mph wind with gusts to 65. Something of a relief after 5:00 this morning. I'm told that overall it was somewhat worse the Frances but not as bad as Charley for those in Central Florida. However, now there is a considerable population in real danger from possible flooding. Please continue prayers.

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Hurrah! You've survived again! Of course 40-50 mph winds aren't anything to sneeze at either! Still, the worst of the storm is past - now the worst of the cleanup is ahead.

I just pray there are no more Hurricanes in the works (is there one called Lisa out there somewhere). The poor folks in Haiti are really suffering.

Glad you and the Sponge-Bob fan are ok!

I don't ever want to see winds stronger than these. And they keep hanging around. Weird storm.

Now we need to pray that Lisa will change her mind about visiting.
what a season - almost apocalyptic, no?



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