In the Midst of Jeanne

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Here we are in the midst of Jeanne. Tropical Storm winds. The sound is terrifying, and we aren't even near the very worst of it. You just hear that whistling winter sound (those of you in the midwest know what I'm talking about. The winds simply don't relent, and occasionally they increase sounding akin to train passing. I sure hope this is the last of these we have to endure this season, but Lisa doesn't look cooperative, particularly with the little loop-the-loops that this season has given us.

Will keep you updated because it mysterious helps me feel better. Please pray protection on us all. We need it.

Watching now as I see a shelter that needed to abandoned in Melbourne this morning. Please pray for these people. This was a special needs shelter and included heart patients, dialysis patients, those mobility impaired. Oh Good Lord, it is certainly a test of one's faith and hope. I suppose we fall back on love. Holy Mother of God, protect us all.

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Hang in there, Steven. My first thoughts and prayers this morning were for you. God is there, too. Cling to Him.

Dear Steven,
Total dittoes on Katharine's comment.
You have an army of saints beseeching the Lord for your safety, and that of your neighbors.....



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