Hurricane Jeanne


While still only a tropical Storm, Jeanne proved to be the deadliest storm of the season so far. Despite Ivan's huge reach and incredible power, it is Jeanne that caused the greatest loss of life.

And it looks as though Jeanne will visit Central Florida after all. For a week, perhaps more, it seemed as if she would wander off into the Atlantic and like Karl be lost to all ken. But not so, after moving well north of us, she rounded on herself and current forecasts have her making landfall at Daytona and then skimming up the entire coast to South Carolina. Needless to say, this is truly monstrous. One prayer is that the course deflect yet again. Another is that if she must hit, she move quickly, like Charley, rather than slowly, like Frances.

Pray God's will in this as in all things, but also pray for the great many people along the eastern coast of the U.S. who need protection from this Hurricane.

While we're talking bizarre meteorological events, you may be aware that Ivan, after his journey inland, returned south, regrouped Tropical Storm strength and found his way up to the Texas/Louisiana coast. Pray for yet more people subject to Ivan the Terrible.

Finally, chances seem good that Lisa will miss all land interests. Please pray that it be so.

A very, very active season with four storms running about at once. (For a while, there was a fifth brewing, but I think it combined with Lisa, if I interpret the NOAA information properly.

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