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"What is this self-referential linkage all about? A postmodern gimmick to promote readership?...Or a scheme to artificially inflate Flos Carmeli's Blogshares price?"

(Paraphrased from

What I'm trying to say is you've got a self-looping link there.

Thank you!

Dear Marion,

Thank you. It does help if you put the url in the a href tag. Attribute it to excessive weather anxiety.



A likely story! It's a plot! A plot to inflate Flos Carmeli's Blogshares price at the expense of the little investor!

You and Martha Stewart both deserve to be in prison!

Sign me,
Totally in fun and would be horrified if anyone took this as anything but fond repartee, and I hope not! Thank you!

And hope this makes you laugh, Mr. Riddle - a distraction from the weather. You are in our prayers.

Holy moley, Mr. Riddle! And I though book titles today were getting long.



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