Casting an Envious Eye

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Summa Mamas announce that they're going to celebrate their first blogthday shortly.

Moreover, they announce that they are very close (probably by now over) 2,000 comments.

I have not yet made it to 2,000 comments. I've been at this for two? three? long years? What does this say?

Are blogs run by females intrinsically more inviting and more social that those run by men. Or is it on the contrary the quest for silence and solitude leaves these environs silent, if not alone. (I know you all are still reading--even if commenting is rather slow.)

I hope it is recognized that this is tongue and cheek, and I do wish the Mamas a very joyous celebration of their first complete year on line. They've certainly added style, panache, and a certain southern (Texan) tang to the parish. Thanks for a great year. And Smockmomma is still, still, still, my number one toprunner for President now that JCecil3 is no longer pursuing a National Catholic Party.

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This'll get you one closer to 2,000, Steven. No thanks necessary.

Steven, there are three of them!!! so it's not a good comparison. Take the 2000 and divide it by three and see if you come close to that and I'll bet you do.

also, don't forget that they weren't at blogspot very long before they jumped to, so most of their comments are accounted for in the MT census.

You have many more comments in your old comment system from all that time you spent at blogspot. Plus you post all those lovely readings from very very holy people that many of us don't dare to comment on!

Good point Peony! It's not necessarily the comments, but the page views that count!



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